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  Label owned by DJ Randy (Italy)
Arcade Dutch label specialized in dance compilations. This label was acquired by Roadrunner Records in 2000, and is now called Mostiko/CNR Music

Acardipane Rec.   II

Label of Marc Acardipane. Division of PCP (Planet Core Productions), Germany. Home of see you in 2017

Apocalypse recordings USA New York's Underground guru to all forms of agressive music.

Aeon Tracks

The home of well known producers like System 3, Max e-crew, Deevoid and Crime lab. From new style to hardcore, from experimental to doomcore... no boundaries, just good beats. AEON Tracks is a label of the S.A.I.F.A.M. Publishing Group. Distributed by Bomb Distribution.

Bzrk Records

Dutch label, DJ Buzz Fuzz's label, once owned by ID&T, now making a new start under A&A Productions (Masters Of Hardcore). Releasing the best of Buzzy's style.

Bzrk Black Label


Born To Kill Records

United Kingdom. Run By Simon Underground

Bastard Loud Records


Sub-label of Industrial Strength Records, NYC. Releasing hardcore & speedcore style tracks. The label released records throughout the mid 1990's until around 1998 when it ceased operation until the end of 2003, when it began releasing again.

Baby Boom Rec.   #2

Dutch Hardcore/Gabber-label, Division of "Combined Forces"

Bloody Fist Rec.

Australian label, (Newcastle),  started in 1994

Coolman Rec.

Dutch Hardcore-label founded by Rob Janssen (a.k.a. DJ Rob) Dutch Hardcore-label founded by Rob Janssen a.k.a. DJ Rob, one of the Hardcore-pioneers in the Dutch house-scene wich became famous as resident-DJ from club "Parkzicht" where it had all started for the dutch hardcore scene. Coolman records had it's hightide in 1996, nowadays in 2005 is still operative.

Cherry Moon records A label of the Famous Cherry Moon
Sub-label: CM Hardcore Trax

Cenobite Rec.

Netherlands Label owned by Michel Klaassen (aka Tellurian/Leviathan) dedicated most to trancecore

Cunt Records

Dutch hardcore/terror label founded and managed by Drokz.

Cold Rush Records


Germany - Frankfurt Cold Rush Records was founded in january 1993 by PCP (Planet Core Productions).

DNA records DArk - negative - antisocial. DNA Tracks stands for Dark, Negative and Antisocial Tracks. Which means the tracks are more on the experimental/industrial side. The main producers of this label are Negative-A (DR Z-vago) and E-Noid (DJ Dione).

Dance Ecstasy 2001

Germany, PCP-Sublabel.Frankfurt Techno/hc

Digital Hardcore Recordings

Speedcore label. Home of: Alec empire, Atari Teenage Riot, Nic Endo, Hanin Elias, Carl Crack

Dwarf Rec.

Netherlands, created in 1994.Sublabel: Babyboom Records

D-Boy Rec.

D-Boy Black label

The Italian hardcore label which was managed by Digital Boy until 1997. After that it became a part of the So-Real Music Group (So-Real Records which is owned by MC Rage.In 2005 this label went bankrupt, all the main artists they had, left to start their own label (Noize Suppressor/DJ Bike), or to produce for other labels like Wishmaster, The & Radioactive who are producing for Choose Or Lose Records, which is owned by Placid K.... a former producer of D-Boy Black Label.

Drop Bass Network

Milwaukee, WI based promoter/record label

Extreme Records


Trademark of Energy Production S.R.L. Italy


Netherlands. Enzyme Records came to be after Patrick van Kerckhoven decided to lay Gangsta Audiovisuals to rest. Contrary to popular belief Enzyme was not founded by Endymion and Nosferatu but by Van Kerckhoven. The idea behind making the world believe that he had retired was to give all of his artists an equal chance to develop themselves fully without having to stand in Van Kerckhoven's shadow. Everyone believed his retirement to be real for at least two years; and some still do to this day. This was also the only option he saw to restart the label and continue it in a new style of hardcore. The move to Enzyme also produced the deliberate death of the 'artcore' sound made popular by Ruffneck Records.

Epileptik Record

Hardcore label from France. Artists: DR Macabre, DJ Nitric, Simon Underground and others....

Epiteth Records

French label

Evolution Records


Scotland - Scott Brown - United Kingdom

Forze Records

Netherlands. Founded by DJ Paul.

Fischkopf Records

Hardcore/Experimental label from Hamburg - Germany

Gobble Records


Gangsta Records

Netherlands, founded by P.v.Kerckhoven (DJ Ruffneck, Wedlock, etc.) as follow-up for the labels Ruffneck and Ruffex.

Hell Recordings


Netherlands. Parent Label:Inferno Records

Head Fuck Records

Italian label Subsidiary of So-Real Music Group, a true family of Hardcore. So Hard, So Loud, So Real To The Core
The darkest side of So-Real originally created to make room for a sound too hard for even D-Boy has been around for many years. Head Fuck records was first formed as a darker alternative to D-boy Black Label and quickly became known for it's defiant sound. Head Fuck is definitely for the die-hard gabber fan and not meant for the ears of everyone. Many guest artist have produced under this renowned label of terror that has a distinctive sound and following making it even more underground than the rest of the family. When you find hardcore is not hard enough, Head Fuck is the answer to your quest.

Hardcorps records Sublabel of Megarave records. This label releases mostly slow, darker "experimental" hardcore. It's a sort pre-label of DNA Tracks.

Hellraiser Records



Hellsound Records

Dutch label, started out under the name Hellbound Records.

Hellbound Records

Dutch Gabber label, Later the name changed to Hellsound Records

H2OH Recordings

Launched in 1995 by Omar Santana in New York City. The Label has built up a strong reputation for itself with an arsenal of artists that includes the likes of Omar Santana, 3 da Hard Way, The Thundergods, Innerchild, The Scrumbleheads, DJ Jokey & Da Predator.

Inferno Records


Netherlands, subdivision of A&A Productions

Impulse Records

Italy, sublabel of Traxtorm Records.Profile:Management by Impulse Factory. Parent Label:Traxtorm Records

ID&T Home of Thunderdome

Industrial Strength


Formed in 2000, The new generation of Industrial Strength hardcore. Now based in Italy and a collaboration between original founder Lenny Dee & DJ Jappo from Italy...

Industrial Strength Limited


Sub-label of Industrial Strength Records, NYC. Created and operated by Lenny Dee. The label is no longer in operation...

K.N.O.R Records


Mascha records Swiss label.Sublabel: Sonic Pollution .Mascha Records was founded in 1997 by the predecessors of BTC 107A , called Trema and Gabbrox Frakktion. Originally, the name "Mascha Records" was a abbreviate for "Most Awful Sound Called Hardcore". Well, the good old hardcoretimes are over. All our recent releases are Gabba and Speedcore only!

Mid-Town Records

Holland label, also a distrubutor.Mid-Town Records nowadays only releases on their sublabels. Sublabels: 3am Recordings (2), Blue Records, Brainless Hardcore, Celebrative, Clubbb Box, Forze Records, Geef 8 Records, H2OH Recordings, High Voltage (Netherlands), Interdance Records, Jump Records, Massive Drive Recordings, Mid-Town Deutschland, Neophyte Records, Rotterdam Records,...

Maximum Speakertrash Rec.



Masters Of Hardcore Rec.

Dutch label. Resident DJs : Bass D & King Mathew

Master Maximum Records

Dutch Hardcore/Gabber-label. Founded by Ramon Roelofs & Theo Nabuurs a.k.a. Charly Lownoise & Mental Theo

Mokum Records

Netherlands, Hard Gabba/Techno label.Things really started roling when Theo Nabuurs (Mental Theo) picked two early Mokum release #1 and #3 (by Vitamin and Chosen Few) for the first ever all-harcore compilation "Thunderdome" (1 CD only, disc 2 was added later!) for Arcade.After some period of time Boudisque went bankrupt.
Roadrunner took over the show (THIS EXPLAINS THE DIFFERENT CATALOGUE NUMBERS),The DJ-shop was sold to Midtown (from Rotterdam!).Mokum went on after a break until it was abandoned, although a futile atempt was made to revive the old Mokum feeling with the new label "Fuck'em".

Megarave Records

Netherlands. Sublabels: DNA Tracks, Dutch Gabber Network Records, Hardcorps (Netherlands)

Napalm Records

Germany. NAPALM is 12-inch-label for an uncompromising combination of  industrial elements with hardcore-techno. What you hear on a napalm-record is rather noise than sound and most of the track-elements used are indeed distorted sound-effects. This typical napalm- style made NAPALM a cult-label after only a few releases. Due to the fact that only 3 different persons (of the SHOCKWAVE-family) are responsible for the whole napalm-output the label has a very linear appearance. NAPALM-tracks donīt have names, so donīt expect a tracklist.

Mecado Dutch company.

No Mercy Records

No Mercy Records was founded in juli 1991 by No Mercy Records / PCP (Planet Core Productions).It was distributed via PCD. Parent Label:Planet Core Productions

Neophyte Records

Dutch label. Main Artists: Neophyte, Evil Activities, Chaosphere, Scott Brown, Hard Creation, Masters of Ceremony.

Noculan Records


The conpany behind Coolman Rec. Holland

Nordcore Records

German speedcore label

Overdrive Records



Offensive records Label owned by DJ Paul.

PCP Records


Frankfurt based hardcore production team created in 1989 by Thorsten and Marc which gave birth to numerous aliases and labels.. Planet Core Productions

Rotterdam Records


Rage Records



Ruffneck Records

DJ Ruffneck

Samurai records Dutch Hardcore-/Gabber-label. Parent Label:Combined Forces
Sonic solution Italian label.Main artists: The stunned guys, TommyKnocker, Art of fighters, MAx Savietto, MAt Dog, Nico & Tetta, Nuclear device....
S.O.B. (Sound Of The Bomb) Sound Of The Bomb Records , Italian trance label.
Marketed by DIG IT International -ITALY-

So-Real records

Italian label owned by MC Rage. So-real crew: Armagedon project, DJ Bike, Digital Boy, Dunderhead, Gabbaextended, MC Rage, Lem-x, Noize Suppressor, Biodome, Radioactive, X-Fly, The Destroyer, The Wishmaster, Hypertech, Pauly Batz, Nitro, Mastermind. Sublabels: Bzrk Records Black Label, Combined Forces Revenge, D-Boy Black Label, Head Fuck Records, HSC Records, Ruffneck Classic

Shadowlands Records

Netherlands, Shadowlands Terrorists

Shockwave Recordings


House, Deep House label from Detroit, USA. Shockwave is a sublabel of Underground Resistance.

Supreme inteligence Dutch Darkcore label started by Patrick van Kerckhoven (aka D'Spyre) as a continuation of Ruff Intelligenze. After the last release all contributing artists moved on to Enzyme Records.

Shockwave Limited

This is an sublabel Of Shockwave Recordings (DE)

The third movements rec. Dutch Label. Artists: D-passion, Promo, Rude Awakening, T-junction, Tommy Pulse....
TRSE TRSE is an Italian sub-label of traxtorm records

Traxtorm Records

Italian label formed in 1995, owned by The Stunned Guys

Trashcan Records

Terror Traxx

Dutch Hardcore-/Gabber-label founded in 1993.  Main Artists: Bodylotion, Menace,forze: Main Artists: Hardcreation, masters of Ceremony, DJ Paul & Teenage Warning

Things To come

The Horrorist - USA

Waxweazle records Founded in october 1994 by Rob Fabrie (aka DJ Waxweazle), was another sublabel of ID&T back in the days, now long defunkt.
V.I.P records Netherlands