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Located in Germany. Independent label. Slobodan Petrovic Jr. (a.k.a. Pulsedriver) is the actual labelmanager

Alphabet City


Bonzai Records UK


Beam Traxx records   Germany - Beam & Yanou, Beam Vs Cyrus...
BMG Germany   Official site of the record-company BMG. Artists like Dumonde, Da Hool, Bad Boys Blue

Byte Records

Belgium - Sylver, D-Devils, Hi-Gate, Spiller...

BXR Records

  Italy - Official site of the record-company BXR. Artists like Mauro Picotto, Gigi D'Agostino.

Bonzai Records


Belgium -Subdivision of Lightning Records. Belgian rave, techno, trance and hardtrance label, founded in 1992.

Clubb Groove Records   Germany - SpaceKid, Alex Morph, Re-flex, Bad Habit Boys...

Cuepoint Records


Germany - Official site of the record-company. Hardtrance-Label and Recordstore from Hamburg / Germany.

Combined Forces Vincent de Moor. Main label of a Dutch independent company.
Cases Records  
Do It Yourself Records   Italy - Official site of the record-company Do It Yourself Records

Dance Division (Sony)


German Dance  Label of Epic Records and Sony Music. Artists like Kai Tracid, Lovestern Galaktika Project, Tunnel Allstars...

D-Trance   The CD series from Gary D.

Dos Or Die Records


Germany -  Artists like Kosmonova, Warp Brothers, Aquagen, DJ Quicksylver...

Drizzly records


German labelStyle: Trance /Hardtrance;

Distribution: DMD Discimania GmbH.

From 1993 - 2002 they successfully convinced many major artists to release on their labels: Oliver Lieb, Andreas Krämer, Andrew Wooden, Paul Johnson, Junk Project, Green Court, Timo Maas, CeCe Rogers, Topazz, Mario DeBellis, DJ Jan, Sharon Williams, DJ Sin Plomo, Silent Harmony, George Acosta,and many many more.... The Drizzly Music Production GmbH & Co KG reflects a crossover sound from Club-Trance&House to progressive Club-& Acid-Techno and hard-underground techno sound. Artists: DJ Shog, Wavescope....

Energetic Records

Swiss label specialising in Trance releases. - News, releases, artists, shop...Artists like Dj Energy... Parent Label:Warner Music (Switzerland) Sublabel: Jaboo Records

Epic Music  


Music Productions GmbH

Germany, EDM Music Productions GmbH

Release compilations series like Eye trance, D-techno, D-trance, hard-trance x-plosion...

EMI Electrola   Germany
Edel records (Germany) Since the IPO of its mother company edel music in 1998 and its national and international acquisitions and cooperations edel records has become the biggest independent record company in Germany. More INFO

Edel Music


European Distributor. Features: Blümchen, Scooter, Mousse T, Brooklyn Bounce and many other wellknown artists...

Fog Area   Germn Label. Artists: Marino Stephano
Fairlight Records Germany - Artists like Marc van Linden, Lightforce, Mario Lopez...

Friendship Records

Swiss Label.Friendship Records is a division of Future Music Factory GmbH. Founded in 1997 by DJ Snowman.

Fusion  UK Happy Hardcore Label started in 1996 releasing singles and compilations. Has sister label Skippin Trax.

Gang Go

German label. Artists like: Fragma, Blank & Jones, Paffendorf, Toby Lee Connor

Harem Records Swiss Label. Artists like DJ Mind-X, Mat Silver, Dogma etc. Swiss Trance / Hardtrance label, founded by DJ Mind-X
Headline records HeadLine Records/Minority Records
Hitland records Italian dance-label, former Discomagic Records. Releases all kinds of dance music on various labels.
Inferno Inferno Records is a subdivision of A&A Productions that released hardcore, gabber and some happy hardcore back in the days it was hyped in the Netherlands.
Juno records UK Label... Check here for new hardcore & trance releases and CD Covers !!!
Kosmo records Artists like Da Hool, Tomcraft, Nalin Inc., Niels van Gogh...

Kontor Records

Germany - Artists, discography, shop, dates, clubs...   BEST NATIONAL LABEL 2002 Artists like ATB, Blank & Jones, Compilations and more...

Low-spirit Germany. Low Spirit Recordings" was founded in 1986 by Maximilian Lenz (Westbam), Fabian Lenz (DJ Dick), Klaus Jankuhn and William Röttger. It was distributed via Polygram and EFA.

Lightning Records


Belgium - Bonzai and XTC records,Belgian Trance/Techno Label based in Antwerp

Ministry of Sound (DE)   Germany
Ministry of Sound (UK) England. A record label based on a night club which is located in London, UK. Mostly commercial hit releases, everything from trance to house.
Media Records Italy - The record-company behind for example Mauro Picotto and Gigi D'Agostino....Media Records was born in 1986 in Italy, in Brescia. It was born from Gianfranco Bortolotti's creative genius and entrepeneurial quality. Soon it was very successful as an Indepent Record Label in the international musical field, with the creation of business partners in UK, Spain, Germany, Benelux, and Denmark, up to constitute the Media Records International society.
Noculan Music B. V. Official site for Noculan Music B. V. Artists: Dance Nation, Becca.Dutch independent company founded by John van Galen, Rob Janssen & Brad Grobler.
New Music International   Italian Distributor, Record company
OXA Oxa is one of the most famous club in Switzerland, especially for its Trance- and House-Events, with Guests and DJs from all over the world.

Overdose Records


German label. Artists like DJ Scot Project, Mass in Orbit, DJ Sakin & Friends, Hypetraxx...Hard Trance Label from Germany, which started in February 1994 and stopped in 2005. It was run by Bernd Breiter and Rainer Kempf.  Distribution by DMD. Sublabels: DJ Inc, Dorian Gray, Massive Records, Pulse

Orbit records Germany - Artists like Mark'Oh, Dune... Release numbers: the numbering was restarted several times on this label (everytime the distributor changed).  Parent Label:Home Records GmbH
Pulse records   German hardtrance label Parent Label:Overdose

German label that belongs to Polymedia Marketing Projects, a part of Polygram GmbH. Specialized in releasing various compilations of what is most HOT in the Euro-Dance; from Rave to Euro-Pop.  They do release also variety of contemporary and classic music. Very family oriented label. Unfortunately, because of a very restricted marketing area (i.e. Germany, Austria and Switzerland) this labels is virtualy unknown in US.

Pias Recordings   Germany - Artists like Luna System, Gary D.
Perfecto Artists like Timo Maas. Paul Oakenfold's label started in 1989.
Polydor (germany)   Germany. Artists: Kay Cee, RMB, ...Polydor was founded in 1924 as a brand name for Deutsche Grammophon products marketed outside of Germany. It grew to become a multi-national label with divisions in many countries, including in Germany. After a series of label mergers and buy-outs, Polydor ended up as part of the international Universal Music Group. The German division was merged with Island Records Germany and became Polydor Island Group, a division of Universal Music (Germany).
Positiva Records Founded in 1993 by major company EMI.
Set up by Nick Halkes (former XL Recordings)
Binary Finary, DJ Quicksilver. Mainstream House- & Dance-label from UK.
Radikal Records   Klubbheads, Norman Bass, Vincent De Moor, Marc Et Claude...
Reality Bites Records

Division of Music Mail Tonträger GmbH
Established in 1995, specialising in trance releases.
Contact Info: Music Mail Tonträger GmbH
Bruckwiesenweg 40, 70327 Stuttgart , Germany

Q-Dance German hard trance label. This is the record label of Dutch party organisation Q-Dance. They focus on the harder styles of dance music, such as hardstyle, hardcore, techno and hard trance. Until 2005 their records where marketed by ID&T. However, ID&T stopped releasing records themselves.
Saifam Italian label.  More iINFO
Stik records Italian techno, hard trance and hardstyle label.
Sony Dance Division Created 1999 in the fusion of Dance Pool/Columbia,Epidrome/Epic and Adrenalin/Sony Music.
Superstar Recordings Germany - Artists like Angelic, Barthezz, Olav Basoski, Dumonde, Yves DeRuyter...
Suprime Music Artists like DJ Valium, Axel Konrad, Ran-Dee...Suprime Records is a division of Suprime Music E.K. Germany and distributed by Music Mail

Sony Music Switzerland


Distributor - Publisher

Sony Music Germany


Distributor - Publisher

Sony Music Europe Distributor - Publisher
Sony Music Italy   Distributor - Publisher

Sony Music Austria


Distributor - Publisher

Self Distribuzione Spa   Major Italian Distributor

Tunnel Records

Germany - CDS, Merchandising, Vinyl, Dates, Shop...

CDs series by Tunnel records: Tunnel trance force compilations, DJ Networx compilations...

Tracid Traxxx

German label. Artists :Hennes & Cold, A*S*Y*S, Merlyn, Melanie DiTria, Reeloop a.k.a Oliver Klitzing,Kai Tracid, Warmduscher.

German label owned by Kai MacDonald (also known as Kai Tracid) which mostly contains the genres hard trance and acid trance. In the latest releases there have been some hardstyle too though. Sublabels: Acid Files, Angel Dust, Druck, Tracid Beta Filez

Tsunami -Spanish hard-techno label owned by Christian Wünsch.

Trance Comunications

-Italian Trance / Hard Trance Label.



Former German House & Trance Label, a sublabel of the Motor/Urban/DefJam label-group, a division of Universal Music GmbH.

Vandit Paul van Dyk is part-owner with many of his tracks and remixes released on Vandit.
Virgin records Germany   Germany
Virgin Records (Sweden)   Sweeden

ZYX Music 

Germany - Major label of independent German record-company. Releasing on many labels.  More INFO

Universal ent. shop (Germany) Check the newest releases in Germany, shop online...
Universal Music Group   Official site of the record-company Universal Music Group.
Universal Music Italy  
Water music records Downtempo / chill-out label, who are active in re-releasing older European albums in the United States. Their sub-label Water Music Dance focuses on club, dance and trance music. (USA)
WEA Records Germany   Germany - Official site of the record-company WEA Records.

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